Associate - senior associate PriceWaterhouse (5 years)


A lot of knowledge about a variety of companies was acquired, as wel as systems, company cultures, regulations.


PriceWaterhouse worked with a coaching on the job model; being team leader it was expected to coach your team members during the assignment for that week(s). 

I was involved in special assignments during my years with PriceWaterhouse: Mergers and acquisitions (due diligence assignments); audits relating to international grants and subsidy.

I worked for PriceWaterhouse offices situated in Utrecht and Eindhoven. 

Finance Management / Controlling

The change management processes always involved software improvements, as described in the section IT-skills below.

Reporting: Setting up standard reporting per month, quarter and year. Consolidated and / or individual. 

Positions as Head of Financial Administration, Financial Controller, Finance Manager for Mikrocentrum, Interfood Holding, ChildCare Organisation, Health Bsuiness Owner, Dhatec, MultiFix.


Most positions were newly created in the organisation or needed quick replacement. It was always building up processes and reporting from bottom. So all these positions required a lot of change management.

Group processes: Adapting group standards to local company after acquisition; coördinating group reporting and audit instructions for all subsidiaries.

Internal Control: SOX, Bill198 (Canada) or other minimum standards: Setting up, Implementing, Documenting and Testing of Internal Control Framework within company. 

Treasury: Cash Flow Planning, Letter of Credit, Financial Instruments, Cash Flow reports.

Financial Administration: setting up, executing and leading full financial administration operation.

Business Advise, as being part of Management Team in several companies. Setting up new Organisational Structure; Succession Planning; HR advise.

Other: HR and Payroll Administration; Accounts Receivables Management; VAT; Corporate income taxes; 'Werkkostenregeling'; Insurances.

IT - skills

Experiences at the intersections of Finance and IT


Most of these experiences involve improvements of the use of existing software ad implementation of new software. This is what I prefer to do; by using te right software in the right way being able to make processes more efficient and effective.

Implementation of HR Administration / Payroll Administration Software.

Implementation of Business Administration/Planning Software.

Co-development and Implementation of Customer Lead Tracking System.

Application Management several applications.

Implementation of Financial Administration software.

Co-development and Implementation of Online Customer Self Service tool.

Implementation of fully digitalized Purchase Invoice Cycle System.


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